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Greetings and Welcome To GenDocs Publishing

Whether you have just begun searching your family tree, or you have been pruning away for some time, nothing beats the satisfaction of finding new information to further your quest. All of us who have researched family lines know too well the frustration of running into brick walls and finding incomplete or incorrect information

Likewise, we all know the necessity of having information that is both "at hand" and relevant to "our" family line. We understand the importance of having the right tools with which to work, and the right source for acquiring those tools.

We here at GenDocs Publishing want to be the source of relevant information for your research needs. Unlike other sites that compile huge databases based upon erroneous and misleading information, GenDocs Publishing acquires all the information we offer from primary source material. We take the guesswork out of your research and present you with information that is structured, correct, and helpful; all at a very fair price.

Follow the links below to see what GenDocs has to offer; our researchers have, on average, over thirty years experience in historic research pertaining to genealogy.

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